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-====== Common Lisp UltraSpec ​project ​======+====== Common Lisp UltraSpec ====== 
 +{{ :​clus.png?​400 |}} 
 +This is **Common Lisp UltraSpec**,​ a community project to create a contemporary and unified documentation file for the whole modern Common Lisp universe.
-This is Common Lisp UltraSpec, a project to create a contemporary and unified documentation file for the whole modern Common Lisp universe.+=====Just give me the juicy parts!===== 
 +**[[CLUS:​TODO|Click here for the things finished so far!]]**
-So far nothing seems to be doneGive me time or poke me at [[[email protected]]] for details.+=====I want to help/​branch/​fork/​look at the original files!===== 
 +**[[https://​​phoe-krk/​clus-data|The whole CLUS data is available on GitHub.]]** 
 +=====I want to read the manifesto!===== 
 +**[[Articles:​Manifesto|Click here for the manifesto, then!]]** 
 +====Reaching ​me==== 
 +  * Michał //~phoe// Herda 
 +  * ''​**#​lisp**'' ​at Freenode - I'm there as ''​**phoe**'',​ 
 +  * ''​**#​lisp-pl**''​ - jeśli chcesz pogadać po polsku, 
 +  * ''​**[[[email protected]]]**'' ​for bigger things. 
 +//Please send kudos to [[http://​|Shinmera]] for the hosting!//
-[[CLUS:​TODO|Click here for the contents finished so far!]]