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 +====== Variable *PRINT-GENSYM* ======
 +====Value Type====
 +a //​[[CL:​Glossary:​generalized boolean]]//​.
 +====Initial Value====
 +Controls whether the prefix ''#:''​ is printed before //​[[CL:​Glossary:​apparently uninterned]]//​ //​[[CL:​Glossary:​symbols]]//​. The prefix is printed before such //​[[CL:​Glossary:​symbols]]//​ if and only if the //​[[CL:​Glossary:​value]]//​ of **[[CL:​Variables:​star-print-gensym-star|*print-gensym*]]** is //​[[CL:​Glossary:​true]]//​.
 +(let ((*print-gensym* nil)) 
 +  (print (gensym)))
 +<​o>​G6040 </o>
 +====Affected By====
 +====See Also====
 +  * **[[CL:​Functions:​write|Function WRITE]]**
 +  * **[[CL:​Variables:​star-print-escape-star|Variable *PRINT-ESCAPE*]]**