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Variable *, **, ***

Value Type

an object.

Initial Value


The variables *, **, and *** are maintained by the Lisp read-eval-print loop to save the values of results that are printed each time through the loop.

The value of * is the most recent primary value that was printed, the value of ** is the previous value of *, and the value of *** is the previous value of **.

If several values are produced, * contains the first value only; * contains nil if zero values are produced.

The values of *, **, and *** are updated immediately prior to printing the return value of a top-level form by the Lisp read-eval-print loop. If the evaluation of such a form is aborted prior to its normal return, the values of *, **, and *** are not updated.


(values 'a1 'a2)

A1 A2



(values 'c1 'c2 'c3)

C1 C2 C3

(list * *)

(C1 B A1)

(defun cube-root (x) (expt x 1/3))


(defparameter *a* (cube-root 27.0))




(* * 9.0)


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See Also

Variable -, Variable +, Variable /, {\secref\TopLevelLoop}


* ≡ (car /) ≡ (car //) * ≡ (car ///)