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 +====== Type NIL ======
 +====Supertypes==== ​
 +all //​[[CL:​Glossary:​types]]//​
 +The type **nil** contains no //​[[CL:​Glossary:​object|objects]]//​ and so is also called the //​[[CL:​Glossary:​empty type]]//.
 +The type **nil** is a //​[[CL:​Glossary:​subtype]]//​ of every //​[[CL:​Glossary:​type]]//​. No //​[[CL:​Glossary:​object]]//​ is of type **nil**.
 +The //​[[CL:​Glossary:​type]]//​ containing the //​[[CL:​Glossary:​object]]//​ **[[CL:​Constant Variables:​nil]]** is the type **[[CL:​Types:​null]]**,​ not the type **nil**.