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System Class INTEGER

Class Precedence List

integer, rational, real, number, t


An integer is a mathematical integer. There is no limit on the magnitude of an integer.

The types fixnum and bignum form an exhaustive partition of type integer.

Compound Type Specifier Kind


Compound Type Specifier Syntax

  • integer [lower-limit [upper-limit]]

Compound Type Specifier Arguments

Compound Type Specifier Description

This denotes the integers on the interval described by lower-limit and upper-limit.

See Also

  • {\figref\SyntaxForNumericTokens}
  • {\secref\NumsFromTokens}
  • {\secref\PrintingIntegers}


The type (integer lower upper), where lower and upper are most-negative-fixnum and most-positive-fixnum, respectively, is also called fixnum.

The type (integer 0 1) is also called bit.

The type (integer 0 *) is also called unsigned-byte.