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====== Restart ABORT ====== ====Data Arguments Required==== None. ====Description==== The intent of the **abort** restart is to allow return to the innermost "command level." Implementors are encouraged to make sure that there is always a restart named **[[CL:Functions:abort]]** around any user code so that user code can call **[[CL:Functions:abort]]** at any time and expect something reasonable to happen; exactly what the reasonable thing is may vary somewhat. Typically, in an interactive listener, the invocation of **[[CL:Functions:abort]]** returns to the //[[CL:Glossary:Lisp reader]]// phase of the //[[CL:Glossary:Lisp read-eval-print loop]]//, though in some batch or multi-processing situations there may be situations in which having it kill the running process is more appropriate. ====See Also==== \secref\Restarts, {\secref\InterfacesToRestarts}, **[[CL:Functions:invoke-restart|Function INVOKE-RESTART]]**, **[[CL:Functions:abort|Function ABORT]]**