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====== Macro PUSH ====== ====Syntax==== * **push** //item place// → //new-place-value// ====Arguments and Values==== * //item//---an //[[CL:Glossary:object]]//. * //place//---a //[[CL:Glossary:place]]//, the //[[CL:Glossary:value]]// of which may be any //[[CL:Glossary:object]]//. * //new-place-value//---a //[[CL:Glossary:list]]// (the new //[[CL:Glossary:value]]// of //place//). ====Description==== **push** prepends //item// to the //[[CL:Glossary:list]]// that is stored in //place//, stores the resulting //[[CL:Glossary:list]]// in //place//, and returns the //[[CL:Glossary:list]]//. For information about the //[[CL:Glossary:evaluation]]// of //[[CL:Glossary:subforms]]// of //place//, \seesection\GenRefSubFormEval. ====Examples==== <blockquote> ([[CL:Macros:defparameter]] *list-in-list* '(nil)) <r>*LIST-IN-LIST*</r> (push 1 ([[CL:Functions:car]] *list-in-list*)) <r>(1)</r> *list-in-list* <r>((1))</r> (push 1 ([[CL:Functions:car]] *list-in-list*)) <r>(1 1)</r> *list-in-list* <r>((1 1))</r> ([[CL:Macros:defparameter]] *x* '(a (b c) d)) <r>*X*</r> (push 5 ([[CL:Functions:cadr]] *x*)) <r>(5 B C) </r> *x* <r>(A (5 B C) D)</r> </blockquote> ====Side Effects==== The contents of //place// are modified. ====Affected By==== None. ====Exceptional Situations==== None. ====See Also==== **[[CL:Macros:pop]]**, **[[CL:Macros:pushnew]]**, {\secref\GeneralizedReference} ====Example Implementation==== To be done. The effect of ''(push //item// //place//)'' is equivalent to <blockquote> ([[CL:Macros:setf]] //place// ([[CL:Functions:cons]] //item// //place//)) </blockquote> except that the //[[CL:Glossary:subforms]]// of //place// are evaluated only once, and //item// is evaluated before //place//. ====Notes==== None. \issue{PUSH-EVALUATION-ORDER:FIRST-ITEM} \issue{DOTTED-LIST-ARGUMENTS:CLARIFY}