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 +====== Macro DEFINE-COMPILER-MACRO ======
 +  * define-compiler-macro //name lambda-list <​nowiki>​[[</​nowiki>​declaration''​*''​ | documentation<​nowiki>​]]</​nowiki>​ form''​*''//​ → //name//
 +====Arguments and Values====
 +  * //name// - a //​[[CL:​Glossary:​function name]]//.
 +  * //​lambda-list//​ - a //​[[CL:​Glossary:​macro lambda list]]//.
 +  * //​declaration//​ - a **[[CL:​Symbols:​declare]]** //​[[CL:​Glossary:​expression]]//;​ not evaluated.
 +  * //​documentation//​ - a //​[[CL:​Glossary:​string]]//;​ not evaluated.
 +  * //form// - a //​[[CL:​Glossary:​form]]//​.
 +This is the normal mechanism for defining a //​[[CL:​Glossary:​compiler macro function]]//​. Its manner of definition is the same as for **[[CL:​Macros:​defmacro]]**;​ the only differences are:
 +  * The //name// can be a //​[[CL:​Glossary:​function name]]// naming any //​[[CL:​Glossary:​function]]//​ or //​[[CL:​Glossary:​macro]]//​.
 +  * The expander function is installed as a //​[[CL:​Glossary:​compiler macro function]]//​ for the //name//, rather than as a //​[[CL:​Glossary:​macro function]]//​.
 +  * The ''&​whole''​ argument is bound to the form argument that is passed to the //​[[CL:​Glossary:​compiler macro function]]//​. The remaining lambda-list parameters are specified as if this form contained the function name in the //​[[CL:​Glossary:​car]]//​ and the actual arguments in the //​[[CL:​Glossary:​cdr]]//,​ but if the //​[[CL:​Glossary:​car]]//​ of the actual form is the symbol **[[CL:​Functions:​funcall]]**,​ then the destructuring of the arguments is actually performed using its //​[[CL:​Glossary:​cddr]]//​ instead.
 +  * //​Documentation//​ is attached as a //​[[CL:​Glossary:​documentation string]]// to //name// (as kind **compiler-macro**) and to the //​[[CL:​Glossary:​compiler macro function]]//​.
 +  * Unlike an ordinary //​[[CL:​Glossary:​macro]]//,​ a //​[[CL:​Glossary:​compiler macro]]// can decline to provide an expansion merely by returning a form that is the //​[[CL:​Glossary:​same]]//​ as the original (which can be obtained by using ''&​whole''​).
 +([[CL:​Macros:​defun]] square (x) ([[CL:​Functions:​expt]] x 2)) <​r>​SQUARE</​r>​
 +(define-compiler-macro square (&whole form arg)
 +  ([[CL:​Special Operators:​if]] ([[CL:​Functions:​atom]] arg)
 +      `([[CL:​Functions:​expt]] ,arg 2)
 +      ([[CL:​Macros:​case]] ([[CL:​Functions:​car]] arg)
 +        (square ([[CL:​Special Operators:​if]] ([[CL:​Functions:​math-equal|=]] ([[CL:​Functions:​length]] arg) 2)
 +                    `([[CL:​Functions:​expt]] ,​([[CL:​Functions:​nth]] 1 arg) 4)
 +                    form))
 +        ([[CL:​Functions:​expt]] ([[CL:​Special Operators:​if]] ([[CL:​Functions:​math-equal|=]] ([[CL:​Functions:​length]] arg) 3)
 +                  ([[CL:​Special Operators:​if]] ([[CL:​Functions:​numberp]] ([[CL:​Functions:​nth]] 2 arg)) 
 +                      `([[CL:​Functions:​expt]] ,​([[CL:​Functions:​nth]] 1 arg) ,(* 2 ([[CL:​Functions:​nth]] 2 arg))) ​
 +                      `([[CL:​Functions:​expt]] ,​([[CL:​Functions:​nth]] 1 arg) (* 2 ,​([[CL:​Functions:​nth]] 2 arg))))
 +                  form))
 +        (otherwise `([[CL:​Functions:​expt]] ,arg 2))))) <​r>​SQUARE</​r>​
 +(square (square 3)) <​r>​81</​r>​
 +([[CL:​Functions:​macroexpand]] '​(square x)) 
 +<​r>​(SQUARE X)
 +([[CL:​Functions:​funcall]] ([[CL:​Functions:​compiler-macro-function]] '​square)
 +         '​(square x) [[CL:​Constant Variables:​nil]])
 +<​r>​([[CL:​Functions:​expt|EXPT]] X 2)</​r>​
 +  ​
 +([[CL:​Functions:​funcall]] ([[CL:​Functions:​compiler-macro-function]] '​square) ​
 +         '​(square (square x)) [[CL:​Constant Variables:​nil]])
 +<​r>​([[CL:​Functions:​expt|EXPT]] X 4)</​r>​
 +  ​
 +([[CL:​Functions:​funcall]] ([[CL:​Functions:​compiler-macro-function]] '​square) ​
 +         '​([[CL:​Functions:​funcall]] #'​square x) [[CL:​Constant Variables:​nil]])
 +<​r>​([[CL:​Functions:​expt|EXPT]] X 2)</​r>​
 +([[CL:​Macros:​defun]] distance-positional (x1 y1 x2 y2)
 +  ([[CL:​Functions:​sqrt]] ([[CL:​Functions:​math-add|+]] ([[CL:​Functions:​expt]] ([[CL:​Functions:​math-subtract|-]] x2 x1) 2) ([[CL:​Functions:​expt]] ([[CL:​Functions:​math-subtract|-]] y2 y1) 2)))) <​r>​DISTANCE-POSITIONAL</​r>​
 +  ​
 +([[CL:​Macros:​defun]] distance (&key (x1 0) (y1 0) (x2 x1) (y2 y1))
 +  (distance-positional x1 y1 x2 y2)) <​r>​DISTANCE</​r>​
 +  ​
 +(define-compiler-macro distance (&whole form
 +                                 &​rest key-value-pairs
 +                                 &​key (x1 0 x1-p)
 +                                      (y1 0 y1-p) 
 +                                      (x2 x1 x2-p) 
 +                                      (y2 y1 y2-p) 
 +                                 &​allow-other-keys ​
 +                                 &​environment env)
 +  ([[CL:​Functions:​flet]] ((key (n) ([[CL:​Functions:​nth]] ([[CL:​Functions:​math-multiply|*]] n 2) key-value-pairs))
 +         (arg (n) ([[CL:​Functions:​nth]] ([[CL:​Functions:​math-one-plus|1+]] ([[CL:​Functions:​math-multiply|*]] n 2)) key-value-pairs))
 +         ​(simplep (x) 
 +           ​([[CL:​Special Operators:​let]] ((expanded-x ([[CL:​Functions:​macroexpand]] x env)))
 +             ​([[CL:​Macros:​or]] ([[CL:​Functions:​constantp]] expanded-x env)
 +                 ​([[CL:​Functions:​symbolp]] expanded-x)))))
 +    ([[CL:​Special Operators:​let]] ((n ([[CL:​Functions:​math-divide|/​]] ([[CL:​Functions:​length]] key-value-pairs) 2)))
 +      ([[CL:​Macros:​multiple-value-bind]] (x1s y1s x2s y2s others) ​
 +          ([[CL:​Macros:​loop]] for (key) on key-value-pairs by #'​[[CL:​Functions:​cddr]]
 +                count ([[CL:​Functions:​eq]] key ':x1) into x1s 
 +                count ([[CL:​Functions:​eq]] key ':y1) into y1s 
 +                count ([[CL:​Functions:​eq]] key ':x2) into x2s 
 +                count ([[CL:​Functions:​eq]] key ':y1) into y2s 
 +                count ([[CL:​Functions:​not]] ([[CL:​Functions:​member]] key '(:x1 :x2 :y1 :​y2))) ​
 +                  into others ​
 +                finally ([[CL:​Macros:​return]] ([[CL:​Functions:​values]] x1s y1s x2s y2s others)))
 +        ([[CL:​Macros:​cond]] (([[CL:​Macros:​and]] ([[CL:​Functions:​math-equal|=]] n 4) 
 +                    ([[CL:​Functions:​eq]] (key 0) :x1)
 +                    ([[CL:​Functions:​eq]] (key 1) :y1) 
 +                    ([[CL:​Functions:​eq]] (key 2) :x2) 
 +                    ([[CL:​Functions:​eq]] (key 3) :y2))
 +               ​`(distance-positional ,x1 ,y1 ,x2 ,y2))
 +              (([[CL:​Macros:​and]] ([[CL:​Special Operators:​if]] x1-p ([[CL:​Macros:​and]] ([[CL:​Functions:​math-equal|=]] x1s 1) (simplep x1)) [[CL:​Constant Variables:​t]]) ​
 +                    ([[CL:​Special Operators:​if]] y1-p ([[CL:​Macros:​and]] ([[CL:​Functions:​math-equal|=]] y1s 1) (simplep y1)) [[CL:​Constant Variables:​t]])
 +                    ([[CL:​Special Operators:​if]] x2-p ([[CL:​Macros:​and]] ([[CL:​Functions:​math-equal|=]] x2s 1) (simplep x2)) [[CL:​Constant Variables:​t]])
 +                    ([[CL:​Special Operators:​if]] y2-p ([[CL:​Macros:​and]] ([[CL:​Functions:​math-equal|=]] y2s 1) (simplep y2)) [[CL:​Constant Variables:​t]])
 +                    ([[CL:​Functions:​zerop]] others))
 +               ​`(distance-positional ,x1 ,y1 ,x2 ,y2))
 +              (([[CL:​Macros:​and]] ([[CL:​Functions:​math-less|<​]] x1s 2) ([[CL:​Functions:​math-less|<​]] y1s 2) ([[CL:​Functions:​math-less|<​]] x2s 2) ([[CL:​Functions:​math-less|<​]] y2s 2)
 +                    ([[CL:​Functions:​zerop]] others))
 +               ​([[CL:​Special Operators:​let]] ((temps ([[CL:​Macros:​loop]] repeat n collect ([[CL:​Functions:​gensym]]))))
 +                 ​`([[CL:​Special Operators:​let]] ,​([[CL:​Macros:​loop]] for i below n 
 +                              collect ([[CL:​Functions:​list]] ([[CL:​Functions:​nth]] i temps) (arg i)))
 +                    (distance ,​@([[CL:​Macros:​loop]] for i below n 
 +                                      append ([[CL:​Functions:​list]] (key i) ([[CL:​Functions:​nth]] i temps)))))))
 +              ([[CL:​Constant Variables:​t]] form)))))) <​r>​DISTANCE</​r>​
 +              ​
 +([[CL:​Macros:​dolist]] (form 
 +          '​((distance :x1 ([[CL:​Macros:​setf]] x 7) :x2 ([[CL:​Macros:​decf]] x) :y1 ([[CL:​Macros:​decf]] x) :y2 ([[CL:​Macros:​decf]] x))
 +            (distance :x1 ([[CL:​Macros:​setf]] x 7) :y1 ([[CL:​Macros:​decf]] x) :x2 ([[CL:​Macros:​decf]] x) :y2 ([[CL:​Macros:​decf]] x))
 +            (distance :x1 ([[CL:​Macros:​setf]] x 7) :y1 ([[CL:​Macros:​incf]] x))
 +            (distance :x1 ([[CL:​Macros:​setf]] x 7) :y1 ([[CL:​Macros:​incf]] x) :x1 ([[CL:​Macros:​incf]] x))
 +            (distance :x1 a1 :y1 b1 :x2 a2 :y2 b2)
 +            (distance :x1 a1 :x2 a2 :y1 b1 :y2 b2)
 +            (distance :x1 a1 :y1 b1 :z1 c1 :x2 a2 :y2 b2 :z2 c2)))
 +  ([[CL:​Functions:​print]] ([[CL:​Functions:​funcall]] ([[CL:​Functions:​compiler-macro-function]] '​distance) form [[CL:​Constant Variables:​nil]])))
 +<​o>​([[CL:​Special Operators:​let|LET]] ((#:G6558 ([[CL:​Macros:​setf|SETF]] X 7))
 +      (#:G6559 ([[CL:​Macros:​decf|DECF]] X))
 +      (#:G6560 ([[CL:​Macros:​decf|DECF]] X))
 +      (#:G6561 ([[CL:​Macros:​decf|DECF]] X)))
 +(DISTANCE :X1 #:G6558 :X2 #:G6559 :Y1 #:G6560 :Y2 #:G6561))
 +(DISTANCE-POSITIONAL ([[CL:​Macros:​setf|SETF]] X 7) ([[CL:​Macros:​decf|DECF]] X) ([[CL:​Macros:​decf|DECF]] X) ([[CL:​Macros:​decf|DECF]] X))
 +([[CL:​Special Operators:​let|LET]] ((#:G6567 ([[CL:​Macros:​setf|SETF]] X 7))
 +      (#:G6568 ([[CL:​Macros:​incf|INCF]] X)))
 +  (DISTANCE :X1 #:G6567 :Y1 #:G6568))
 +(DISTANCE :X1 ([[CL:​Macros:​setf|SETF]] X 7) :Y1 ([[CL:​Macros:​incf|INCF]] X) :X1 ([[CL:​Macros:​incf|INCF]] X))
 +(DISTANCE :X1 A1 :Y1 B1 :Z1 C1 :X2 A2 :Y2 B2 :Z2 C2)</​o>​
 +<​r>​[[CL:​Constant Variables:​nil|NIL]]</​r>​
 +====Affected By====
 +====Exceptional Situations====
 +====See Also====
 +**[[CL:​Functions:​compiler-macro-function|Function COMPILER-MACRO-FUNCTION]]**,​ **[[CL:​Macros:​defmacro|Macro DEFMACRO]]**,​ **[[CL:​Functions:​documentation|Generic Function DOCUMENTATION]]**,​ {\secref\DocVsDecls}
 +The consequences of writing a //​[[CL:​Glossary:​compiler macro]]// definition for a function in the ''​COMMON-LISP''​ //​[[CL:​Glossary:​package]]//​ are undefined; it is quite possible that in some //​[[CL:​Glossary:​implementation|implementations]]//​ such an attempt would override an equivalent or equally important definition. In general, it is recommended that a programmer only write //​[[CL:​Glossary:​compiler macro]]// definitions for //​[[CL:​Glossary:​function|functions]]//​ he or she personally maintains - writing a //​[[CL:​Glossary:​compiler macro]]// definition for a function maintained elsewhere is normally considered a violation of traditional rules of modularity and data abstraction.