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====== Function STREAM-ERROR-STREAM ====== ====Syntax==== * **stream-error-stream** //condition// → //stream// ====Arguments and Values==== * //condition// - a //[[CL:Glossary:condition]]// of type **[[CL:Types:stream-error]]**. * //stream// - a //[[CL:Glossary:stream]]//. ====Description==== Returns the offending //[[CL:Glossary:stream]]// of a //[[CL:Glossary:condition]]// of type **[[CL:Types:stream-error]]**. ====Examples==== <blockquote> ([[CL:Macros:with-input-from-string]] (s "(FOO") ([[CL:Macros:handler-case]] (read s) ([[CL:Types:end-of-file]] (c) ([[CL:Functions:format]] [[CL:Constant Variables:nil]] "~&End of file on ~S." (stream-error-stream c))))) "End of file on #<String Stream>." </blockquote> ====Side Effects==== None. ====Affected By==== None. ====Exceptional Situations==== None. ====See Also==== * **[[CL:Types:stream-error|Condition Type STREAM-ERROR]]** * {\secref\Conditions} ====Notes==== None.