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====== Function MAKE-PACKAGE ====== ====Syntax==== * **make-package** //package-name// ''&key'' //nicknames// //use// → //package// ====Arguments and Values==== * //package-name// - a //[[CL:Glossary:package name designator]]//. * //nicknames// - a //[[CL:Glossary:list]]// of //[[CL:Glossary:package name designator|package name designators]]//. The default is the //[[CL:Glossary:empty list]]//. * //use// - a //[[CL:Glossary:list]]// of //[[CL:Glossary:package designators]]//. The default is //[[CL:Glossary:implementation-defined]]//. * //package// - a //[[CL:Glossary:package]]//. ====Description==== Creates a new //[[CL:Glossary:package]]// with the name //package-name//. //nicknames// are additional //[[CL:Glossary:names]]// which may be used to refer to the new //[[CL:Glossary:package]]//. //use// specifies zero or more //[[CL:Glossary:package|packages]]// the //[[CL:Glossary:external symbols]]// of which are to be inherited by the new //[[CL:Glossary:package]]//. See the //[[CL:Glossary:function]]// **[[CL:Functions:use-package]]**. ====Examples==== <blockquote> (make-package 'temporary :nicknames '("TEMP" "temp")) <r>#<PACKAGE "TEMPORARY"></r> (make-package "OWNER" :use '("temp")) <r>#<PACKAGE "OWNER"></r> ([[CL:Functions:package-used-by-list]] 'temp) <r>(#<PACKAGE "OWNER">)</r> ([[CL:Functions:package-use-list]] 'owner) <r>(#<PACKAGE "TEMPORARY">)</r> </blockquote> ====Side Effects==== None. ====Affected By==== The existence of other //[[CL:Glossary:package|packages]]// in the system. ====Exceptional Situations==== The consequences are unspecified if //[[CL:Glossary:package|packages]]// denoted by //use// do not exist. A //[[CL:Glossary:correctable]]// error is signaled if the //package-name// or any of the //nicknames// is already the //[[CL:Glossary:name]]// or //[[CL:Glossary:nickname]]// of an existing //[[CL:Glossary:package]]//. ====See Also==== * **[[CL:Macros:defpackage|Macro DEFPACKAGE]]**, * **[[CL:Functions:use-package|Function USE-PACKAGE]]** ====Notes==== In situations where the //[[CL:Glossary:package|packages]]// to be used contain symbols which would conflict, it is necessary to first create the package with '':use '()'', then to use **[[CL:Functions:shadow]]** or **[[CL:Functions:shadowing-import]]** to address the conflicts, and then after that to use **[[CL:Functions:use-package]]** once the conflicts have been addressed. When packages are being created as part of the static definition of a program rather than dynamically by the program, it is generally considered more stylistically appropriate to use **[[CL:Macros:defpackage]]** rather than **[[CL:Functions:make-package]]**. \issue{PACKAGE-FUNCTION-CONSISTENCY:MORE-PERMISSIVE} \issue{MAKE-PACKAGE-USE-DEFAULT:IMPLEMENTATION-DEPENDENT}